4 Ways to Go Green with Pest Control

If you’d prefer to get rid of pests the natural way, follow these steps from The Herald. Both the pests and the environment will thank you!

1. Remove their food

The smell of food attracts pests. It’s important to clean dishes and other surfaces after every meal. Pet food should be kept in sealed containers and rubbish and compost bins should be stored well away from the home.

2. Remove their shelter

Indoor and outdoor clutter should be removed or tidied up so it can’t provide refuge to insects.

3. Seal the home

Holes should be sealed and barriers such as fly screens should be added to help keep insects outside.

4. Use natural deterrents

Deter ants by using a mixture or pepper, turmeric powder and cinnamon sprinkled along their trail. Also look for food scraps that could be attracting them. Ants usually disappear once their food source is removed.

Cockroaches can be treated using sticky traps and fly swats. People should also remember that keeping a few spiders in the home will naturally help to control the number of cockroaches, mosquitoes and other prey insects.



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