8 Steps to Integrated Pest Management for Your Home

Homeowners who use integrated pest management can reduce their use of harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals, explained Steve Haller from osagecountyonline.com.

The integrated approach involves a few key steps:

  1. Grow pest resistant plants. Choose plants and seeds based on their ability to resist pests common to the homeowner’s
  2. Check shop plants carefully. Purchased plants should be inspected carefully for signs of disease or infestation. Shop at reputable retailers and avoid heavily discounted products.
  3. Fertilise and water adequately so plants have the nourishment to combat disease.
  4. Don’t over-water. Doing so can boost insect populations and encourage disease.
  5. Target weeds. Weeds can provide shelter for noxious pests.
  6. Use mulch. Mulching regulates moisture levels, resulting in healthier plants.
  7. Remove infested plants. These should be removed quickly to prevent the spread of disease.
  8. Rotate plants. Rotating in 3-4 year cycles helps prevent pests from taking a foothold in a particular part of the garden.



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