Do You Know the World’s Deadliest Spiders?

With dangerous spiders causing a media stir when they were found in supermarket bananas in the UK recently, Sky News has cast an eye over some of the world’s most dangerous arachnids.


These dark spiders have fangs that can pierce through human nails.

They usually live in moist, cool areas such as under rocks or inside logs. They can kill humans although there are effective anti-venoms.

Brazilian wandering spider

This aggressive species is so named because it wanders the forest floor at night instead of staying in its web.

It’s rarely fatal these days thanks to an effective anti-venom and the fact that it doesn’t always inject poison when it bites.

Black widow

These spiders are very venomous but won’t attack unless provoked. They feature a striking red mark and can be found in buildings and wood piles arond the US.


This Australian spider is nocturnal and enjoys warm, sheltered conditions.

Deaths are rare due to an effective anti-venom although many bites have been reported.



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