Gary Journeaux talks about his inspiration for One Child One Tech.

Competitive Pest Services’ General Manager, Gary Journeaux, had this to say: “I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Cambodia for three weeks in 2012 to build houses for the Tabitha Foundation – a recipient of Competitive Pest Services’ donations. It was during this build that one of the other builders told me about New Hope for Cambodian Children. NHCC is an orphanage for children infected with HIV, and what the founders John and Kathy Tucker have achieved there is remarkable. Bill Clinton actually  visited there in 2006. I extended my trip and volunteered there for a week. I would highly encourage everyone to spend a week here, and if it doesn’t change your life (like it did mine), it will remind you about what is really important in life. Cambodia is a Buddhist country, and it is believed by many there that if you are born with HIV, you must have done some bad things in your past life. These children just want a whole lot of hugs and love, and to be treated the same as anyone else. Kathy and John are always looking for more sponsors”

More details can be found at the New Hope for Cambodian Children website

“Also on the house build, I came to know about the Cambodian Children’s Fund. This is an orphanage that was started by an Australian Scott Neeson. Scott visited Cambodia about six years ago, and was so moved by children scavenging on the Phnom Penh rubbish tip, that he sold all his possessions and moved to Cambodia to start an orphanage. Families would live on the Samcheong Province tip, and then would scavenge the tip for food or things they could exchange for food. Cambodian Children’s Fund has offered the children of these families a home and education.”

More details can be found at the CCF-Australia website