Pest Controllers are Trained Professionals

A professional pest controller is usually regulated by state health laws to ensure your home is treated safely with the best practices and substances for the job.

If you live in Victoria, your pest controller must have a license that shows he or she has been trained in handling, storing and using toxic pest control substances. The licence is a photo-ID card issued by the Department of Health.

The particular substances a controller is trained to use are listed on the back of the licence. These fall into three types:

  • Pesticides for all kinds of insects, along with rodents like rats, mice and also introduced birds
  • Pesticides for larger animals like foxes and rabbits
  • Fumigants (for treating furniture, clothing and machinery)

Be sure to check the pest controller licensing requirements in your state before hiring a controller.

Always follow your controller’s safety precautions and contact your controller or state health department for answers to any pest control questions.




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