Rats, Fleas and Maggots Found at UK Hospitals

Fleas, maggots and rats were discovered in infestations at Epsom and St Helier hospitals in the UK, according to the Wimbeldon Guardian.

The pests have placed patients in danger and pest controllers have had to be called our 26 times to control them this year.

Rats can spread salmonella and the potentially lethal Weil’s disease. Other pests such as pigeons and foxes have also been a problem, with the hospital trust spending its 45,000 pound budget controlling them.

A spokesperson for the trust said that it takes pest control very seriously.

In 2008, the trust spent 72,000 pounds investing in pest control infrastructure including pigeon nets. It said that the majority of pest control calls are for non-patient areas and that it always responds immediately to signs of pests.

This year the hospital has spent 14,000 pounds on pest control, which it argues is a sign that its preventative measures are working. Pest control inspections are held every week.



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